Polaroid Photography

Growing up using a Polaroid camera in the 90s, Polaroid will always be a very nostalgic brand for me. Since the resurgence of Polaroid in 2017 and since becoming a professional photographer, I bought the Polaroid OneStep 2 without hesitation. These cameras have now been replaced by the Now and Now+ cameras, which are an updated version and allow more options to get creative with your shots via the Polaroid app.

I have tried out lots of different i-Type Polaroid film over the years, with my favourites being the limited edition metallic and black frames. You can see some examples of my work below.

Thinking about capturing your event using Polaroid photography? I offer packages including custom frames for a unique experience. Let's chat! Email me here: abbie@abbiejennings.co.uk 

Inspired to try Polaroid photography for yourself? You can purchase all Polaroid cameras, film and accessories here: Polaroid.com 

Purchasing from this link allows me to gain a small commission from the sale ☺️

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