Surprising fans with an unexpected marketing campaign promoting their new album, White Lies are back with new single ‘Time to Give’.

The single comes ahead of the release of their fifth album, aptly named ‘Five’, which is set to be released in February 2019. ‘Five’ is a follow up to the 2017 album ‘Friends’ and marks a decade since the band’s debut record.

It’s evident in ‘Time to Give’ that a different approach has been taken. The seven-and-a-half-minute song starts how you’d expect a White Lies song to sound, with those signature dark lyrics and heavy bass guitar sounds. What’s new is the electro-synth upbeat style that contrasts against Harry McVeigh’s distinctively powerful voice, but it works so well. The song holds the electronic sound throughout, seemingly ending in a two-minute instrumental. However, it then delves deeper by going into new lyrics with a dark and eerie sound, all before ending abruptly. We are left only wanting more, as if seven and a half minutes wasn’t enough!

Although White Lies have a very distinct post-punk sound, each album has had a new element and direction. Latest release ‘Friends’ contained some of the most upbeat and experimental tracks in the bands catalogue. We can only expect that ‘Five’ will once again have a new element of surprise. For now, we only have the new single to go by, but from what we’ve heard we can only predict that we’ll be hearing a lot more of these upbeat electronic tracks on the forthcoming album.

Words by Abbie Jennings

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