Sydney trio DMA’s have released their second album ‘For Now’, which is a follow up to their hugely successful debut, ‘Hills End’. 

Their debut album was an impressive introduction to the band and what they are capable of. Two years later, here they are with their second and what a dream it is, DMA’s have really raised their game with this one! After recently releasing a single sharing the title ‘For Now’, we’ve also heard album tracks ‘Dawning’, ‘In The Air’ and ‘Break Me’ before the release, letting us prepare for what we might be in for. 

Alongside the band, the album has been produced with the help of Kim Moyes from the Australian electronic duo The Presets. Opening with two previously released singles, ‘For Now’ and ‘Dawning’, we’re allowed to ease into it confidently. Soon realising this album is full of indie anthems and almost definite singalong tracks, much like their debut. 

After single ‘In The Air’, we hear ‘The End’, which is a more upbeat song. This is followed by another upbeat number called ‘Warsaw’, these songs are more like the tunes we know DMA’s for, whereas the rest of the album is a little more diverse. There’s still clear evidence of the Britpop and Madchester influences throughout, but it’s a more mature version, one which allows growth. I feel like the band have grown a lot in a short space of time. Drummer Johnny Took admits “Last time round, we were still working out what kind of band we want to be, and we still are. We still have that jangly rock ‘n’ roll aspect to it, but it’s also matured in other ways. It feels like a natural progression for the band.” 

Closing on song ‘Emily Whyte’, the album is full of feel-good vibes like this one. ‘For Now’ is uplifting indie rock ‘n’ roll with daydream-inducing lyrics at its finest. Made up of melancholic melodies for easy listening along with timeless tunes and beautiful ballads to dance away to. This album slots perfectly in with the rest of the bands discography, which means it’s bound to go down a treat on tour. 

It can’t be bad because even Liam Gallagher likes it, who is undeniably one of the kings of the Madchester and Britpop genre! DMA’s have recently been announced as one of the supports for Liam Gallagher’s show at Finsbury Park, London, in June, following on from this just a few days ago he tweeted about ‘For Now’. “Just heard the new DMA’s record one word BIBLICAL as you were LG x” 

There we go, biblical it is! 

Words by Abbie Jennings for When The Horn Blows

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