‘Cry On My Guitar’ is the third single from Miles Kane’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Coup De Grace’. Set to be released on 10th August, the album is a follow up to ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’, which was released 5 years ago.

We’ve heard this song in live sets, it’s been played nonstop on the radio and now we finally have a video! ‘Cry On My Guitar’ is a head bopping feisty single that only furthers our eagerness towards the new record.

The recent release of the music video adds a little more context, not only to the single, but also to what we might be in store for with the album. We know that much of the album has been co-written alongside Jamie T and with each single release more musical influences are becoming evident, there’s still a lot of burning questions but in the meantime, we’re loving the new video.

Directed by Brook Linder, the video is a follow up from previous single ‘Loaded’. Miles takes on WWE wrestler Finn Bálor in a grainy black and white brawl. Whilst watching the narrative unfold we wonder how it got to this brutal point? Routing for Miles throughout, at times we see him getting dragged along the floor in a rough and tumble style fight. The monochrome Bond-esque video is gripping in a way modern music videos often aren’t. After seemingly ending abruptly, it’s not until the very end before it becomes clear… This is a prequel to previous video for ‘Loaded’.

These well thought out storylines could quite easily be extended with future single releases, I predict a mini-series.

Review by Abbie Jennings for When The Horn Blows

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