Just days after the release of their second album DMA’s played a sold-out show at Manchester Academy. We caught up with them as they play their biggest UK headline tour to date. 

Support came from fellow Aussies Planet, with fans tight to the barriers it was obvious they had got down early to see the four piece. Singer Matty Took just so happens to be the brother of DMA’s guitarist Johnny, in fact, he even came out to play a song with them to prove it. Rocking a similar musical style, Planet were the perfect opener for DMA’s, setting up an uplifting atmosphere. 

With the venue now filling up, chants of “D D DMA’s” repeat throughout the room. Beer is being thrown all over the crowd, who are wearing 90’s style sportswear replicating the band. The anticipation is nearly over! 

One by one DMA’s came out, doubling the number of members with a bigger touring band, everyone took to their instruments and went straight into ‘Feels Like 37’. ‘Timeless’ and new single ‘For Now’ followed, whilst the crowd went wild. 

Looking as though they wouldn’t be out of place in Salford Shopping City, it’s not wrong to say that DMA’s look like English chavs (sorry boys). Though the music they make proves their fashion sense is somewhat irrelevant, though this didn’t stop the crowd from copying their style. Let’s just hope Tommy O’Dell’s outfit (consisting of a Lacoste cap, camouflage cargo pants, Fila top with Nike Air Max 97s) doesn’t replicate onto their fans, although I think it already has. 

Mixing up the debut album with their latest release, you wouldn’t have guessed that some of these songs have only been played a handful of times live. The crowd already know the lyrics to new album tracks, whilst everybody is having a great time it’s safe to say DMA’s new songs went down a treat amongst more well-known tracks. 

Nine songs in Tommy finally speaks to the crowd “Hello Manchester, this one’s called Step Up The Morphine”. ‘Delete’ is played back to back after ‘Step Up The Morphine’and it’s everyone’s dream, from front to back the crowd are full of energy, singing, swaying and shouting back the lyrics to the Hill’s End tracks. 

Tommy speaks again saying “See you next time” before recent single ‘Dawning’. The whole band depart the stage, leaving the crowd debating what could possibly be played for the encore. 

Obviously forgetting that ‘Play It Out’ ‘In The Moment’ and ‘Lay Down’ all are yet to be played, the band delved into the singles and gained huge applause. A blue flare appeared in the crowd during the first song of the encore, still lingering once DMA’shad left the stage, much like their presence, also having a lasting impact on the audience. 

With evidence of Britpop vibes apparent in their second album too, it’s even more prominent when playing live. We get to experience the full swagger and attitude from the band. DMA’s are so Britpop, but it doesn’t hurt, in fact I think it’s refreshing to see a band pulling it off so well. Tommy O’Dell’s voice is stronger than the 90’s stars and his stage presence isn’t far off. The band add an Australian twang to everything they do making it uniquely reinvented, but their fashion sense just is not doing it for me! 

Overall what an amazing performance from a band who have proven they are worthy of headlining Liverpool Sound City this weekend. They are onto big things, watch out for them because they won’t be playing small venues for much longer! 

Words and Photography by Abbie Jennings for When The Horn Blows

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