There is still a huge stigma attached to women in football, this series stems from my personal frustrations of being a lifelong football fan. “Do you actually like football?” is a question I am asked way too much, and just because I am female it is presumed that I don’t know anything about the game. This ongoing body of work aims to highlight my personal frustrations and also help break down the stigma attached to women in football culture.

This (currently untitled) series includes images that are a direct response to the Sussex FAs recent suggestions on increasing female participation in football. Their suggestions included using pink whistles, having Twitter breaks, using female friendly branding and colouring, wearing colourful and nice smelling bibs, not using large heavy balls because “females are put off by the prospect of being hit by one” and having incentives to make girls want to attend sessions to play football, all of which were heavily accompanied by images of pink coloured items.

Another aspect of the project sees me challenging the idea that official pink merchandise is still widely on sale at English football clubs. It’s not necessarily the colour that’s the problem, it’s the fact that even today the colour pink is still highly associated with females. What if boys like pink too? All of these products are targeted at females, quit with the gender stereotypes! I have also gathered objects that I personally find degrading, like tight fitting low cut football shirts and an official barbie doll from the careers range who’s wearing an unnecessary skimpy pink football kit.

Whether you agree with me or think I’m being completely ridiculous, this is a problem that I feel extremely passionately about and I want to push it to the boundaries and start to break the stigma down. I’m sick of feeling like I don’t belong in football just because of my gender. This girl CAN!

Whilst the heart of this project is about highlighting my personal frustrations of being a female football fan, I also wish to reach out to other females in the community. This is an ongoing series that is still in the very early days, so please do get in contact with me if this is something you may wish to be a part of.

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